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Dishonored Fancast

The one who walks here is all things. Cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth.”

Matthew Bell as the Outsider


Isabela is not amused tho

I've been told several times that I appear to be an extrovert, but I am just an INFJ. I think the keen intuitive empathy and sincere curiosity about other people end up giving us up as extroverts, but it's just some weird introvert way of percieving subjective information, so yeah, I'd say the most extrovert introvert are the INFJ.
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Low Chaos Ending - Dishonored

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Dragon Age Inquisition - Meet the Inquisition, Dorian Pavus


"Sailors tell tales of monsters far out to sea, but I’ll tell you, there’s strange things in this river no one talks about. Lights in the water, late at night. I’ve seen faces, too."

A mix for the Outsider || listen


gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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"Do you like anything?" "I like quiet.

goddamn i wish i wasn’t such a nosey person



the heart of a living thing > the heart of jessamine > jessamine is a living thing

if only

Weirdly, I was thinking on this. 

He does call her exactly a living thing. I always took that to mean, she’s still alive. 

He hasn’t granted her immortality. Rather, he’s granted her an extension on those last seconds behind shock, blood loss caused unconsciousness, and her true death. She, whatever remains of her, is taken in those last true seconds where she can be considered still alive. Drawn out across what must feel like an infinity, in the captured moments before death, slowly waiting to die. 

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I’ve been wanting to do one of these for so long so i’ve finally decided to give away some gaming things for my 5000 followers (who are the best and i love you all) and i’m sorry it’s not a lot…or a ps4 or anything…. buttt at least it’s something :) so anyway…

Heavy risk….but the priiize (click on pics to make them bigger)

  • two double sided posters of some REALLY COOL upcoming games (rise of the tomb raider, rainbow six: siege, ac: unity, uncharted 4)
  • either a £15 (about $25) voucher for steam or amazon to do with as you please
  • a copy of fallout 3 for the ps3 and a little ezio from assassin’s creed plush
  • a limited edition legend of zelda: a link between worlds promo poster

The Rules

  • you have to be following me (this is a giveaway for my followers)
  • likes and reblogs count, feel free to reblog as many times as you like
  • you must be willing to share your address and email address
  • if you’re under 18 don’t forget to ask for permission to give out your address
  • make sure your ask box is open!!
  • the giveaway will end on september 7th 2014

good luck!!

i made my own tag meme
  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop
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"They call her Granny Rags".